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Vampire Theory Part II RELOADED!

Further to our post on the 19th November, informing our followers that the video of the second part of The Vampire Theory had been suspended by YouTube for alleged copyright infringemnent, we are very pleased to announce that the video in question has been rightfully reinstated.

You can watch it at your leisure (and give it a thumbs up if you like!) here:

We really hope that readers / viewers find this video enlightening and engaging.

As to WHY the video was removed in the first place – this still remains somewhat of a mystery.  However, in lieu of any insights from YouTube OR the complainant, again, we can only refer inquiring minds to our Censored! blog of 19/11/15. Make your own minds up – which was kind of the whole point of the Symposium???!!!!!

Followers of the Symposium can look forward to the next upload – thankfully almost vampire free – in the next few days.

And please do leave your thoughts, observations and feelings in the comments section below!

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  1. Steve

    Excellent!! Thank you!!
    And a very interesting talk by all concerned.
    Having just watched ‘The Body Beneath’, I might be forgiven for thinking that the whole ‘vampire’ shenanigans was dreamed up by it’s director Andy Milligan, stolen wholesale by the Fake Cleric, and then rolled up with Bram Stoker in a sort of ‘swiss-roll of pseudo-gothic bollocks’.
    The sightings of the dark entity, however, I can completely believe in – having witnessed something similar (in a Victorian house in Dartford) Myself.
    I wonder, David, if it – the entity – deliberately interfered in your life, once you had seen it.
    Perhaps ‘it’ was responsible for the run of legal injustice you had.

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