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Privacy Respected Highgate Vampire Symposium

The Talk of The Town – But Privacy Assured

There has been a lot of local publicity about the Highgate Vampire Symposium in Highgate Village – indeed a poster advertising the Symposium is currently sitting next to another advertising tours in Highgate Cemetery East, in the the village news agent’s window.

The purpose of the Symposium is to encourage debate about the ‘ghost’ of N6 with curious local people, as well as those from further afield with an interest in the paranormal. We believe that this is a valid exercise in rational and progressive thought, and nothing at all to be embarrassed about. The caliber of our speakers says it all.

Feedback from many people resident of or with close connections to Highgate so far has been 100% positive.  However we are aware that for some potential attendees, the stigma of the chaotic, “vampire” era of the late 1960s / early 1970s remains a concern, not just because of the title of the event but because of the subject matter under debate, and the potential of being “spotted” showing an interest in this.

Upon suggestion, we are pleased to be able to reassure potential attendees who find themselves in this delicate position that although this event is being filmed, there are discrete seats which can be allocated which will protect their privacy in this regard.

Times they are a’changing, but slowly in Highgate.  And the Symposium organisers would like to assure any nervous attendees that we will do our best to ensure as discrete as possible an experience for all who make it known to us that this is a concern.

Please email, using a pseudonym if you wish, and we will make arrangements with the usher on your behalf. Or alternatively just mention to the usher on arrival that you would like to be seated in one of the off-camera seats.

Della Farrant, Symposium Organiser



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  1. Viola Drago.

    One would attend but, unfortunately, I can’t leave the house. Not due to vampirism but electro & multiple chemical sensitivity I’m afraid. 🙁

    1. Della Farrant

      Sorry to hear about your woes, Viola. It will be uploaded to Youtube soon, but 8 hours in front of the PC might be a strain. Small exposures!

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