Paul Adams

Symposium Compère, Paranormal Author & Researcher
Paul Adams

Paul Adams

Symposium Compère, Paranormal Author & Researcher


Paul Adams (born 1966) is a freelance writer with a long interest in psychical research and the paranormal, stemming he freely admits from childhood obsessions with Hammer Films and pulp-horror paperbacks. Written in Blood : A Cultural History of the British Vampire, a recent book on the history of vampires and vampirism in British culture, includes a lengthy account of the continually controversial Highgate Vampire case. His other books include a collection of true crime cases with paranormal connections, three regional ghost books, as well as two collaborations with the late Peter Underwood,  The Borley Rectory Companion and  Shadows in the Nave, a guide to the haunted churches of England.

Peter Underwood, who sadly passed away in November 2014, bequeathed to Paul many items of Fortean significance and a lifetime’s worth of letters and documents, which Paul is currently cataloging for the benefit of future generations of paranormal researchers. Paul is also in the early stages of researching a biography detailing Underwood’s life.

As part of a personal and practical interest in physical mediumship, Paul has attended over 100 blackout seances and a current writing project includes a history of materialisation mediums and their phenomena in Britain from the 1870s to the present day.

Paul’s books can be obtained from his website, and from Amazon.




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