David Farrant

President, British Psychic & Occult Society
David Farrant (c) Emma Dark 2014

David Farrant

President, British Psychic & Occult Society
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David Farrant is a well-known figure in Fortean circles, his name having been synonymous with the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case since early 1970. For it was David’s letter to the Hampstead and Highgate Express in the January of that year, detailing his own sighting of a tall dark figure inside the cemetery gates, which catapulted the phenomena to national media attention, and a 1970 London Evening News article about his investigation which first gave the entity now forever known as the Highgate ‘vampire’ its nomenclature.

In the present day David regularly contributes to documentaries and radio broadcasts which explore aspects of the paranormal, drawing upon his 45 years plus experience of investigating unexplained phenomena. He is the author of over a dozen books, including Beyond The Highgate Vampire, the first publication to objectively examine the events surrounding this case,

But in the 1970s life was very different for David. Then a practising Wiccan High Priest, the investigations of The British Psychic and Occult Society (of which he remains president) into local rumours of a ghost at Highgate Cemetery attracted the attention of the press, and later, the police. In 1974 he was the subject of the first notorious British ‘witch trial’ since that of Helen Duncan in 1944, and was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months imprisonment for alleged crimes relating to Highgate Cemetery.

To this day David protests his innocence regarding claims that he conducted necromantic rites in vaults at Highgate, and continues to seek answers about just who was really practising black magic in the cemetery – and why.

David’s books about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case, The British Psychic and Occult Society’s investigations into paranormal phenomena around the British Isles, and his life as a psychic investigator, can be obtained via his website, from Ebay, or from Amazon.




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