Andy Mercer

Paranormal & Occult Researcher, & Professional Psychotherapist
Andy Mercer The Highgate Vampire Symposium

Andy Mercer

Paranormal & Occult Researcher, & Professional Psychotherapist


The Highgate Vampire Symposium are pleased to welcome Andy Mercer to our Big Day! As well as reporting on the Symposium for the Keeping The Paranormal Friendly online community, Andy will now be joining The Big Ghost Debate.

Andy is a writer, researcher and professional Psychotherapist with 20 plus years of experience in investigating both the esoteric and the paranormal. Andy approaches both subjects primarily as a parapsychologist, concentrating on how the mind and human consciousness are affected by these experiences, rather than simply believing everything wholesale.

Having initially been involved in writer and researcher Andy Collins’ Earthquest group, which investigated both paranormal and occult based activity back in the late 1980s and early 90s. It was at this point that Andy first became aware of the ‘Highgate vampire’ legend. Following Collins’ closure of Earthquest, Andy continued his own studies and investigations into related subject matter.

Following a sojourn at university, as a mature student reading Philosophy, Andy once again became involved with the paranormal, first working with a team based in South East England where he met and worked with fellow researcher Charles Walker, and then by setting up The Institute of Paranormal Research. In addition to running the IoPR, Andy has worked with a number of other paranormal groups and special events companies. Andy has written for a number of publications both online and in the”Real World”. These include commissioned articles for professional psychotherapy publications and magazines.

In more recent years Andy has dedicated his researches to folklore and ‘traditional witchcraft’ as well as Asian/Hindu mysticism. He is also something of a conspiracy ‘nut’, although as with the Occult Andy keeps an open mind!

Andy is also a co-presenter of the Keeping The Paranormal Friendly (KTPF) internet community talk show (which recently featured this very Symposium!), and the editor/compiler of the KTPF online Magazine.

Andy’s recent opus, Liber Coronzom – An Enochian Grimoire, which is available through the Aeon Sophia Press, explores certain aspects of the work of Dr.John Dee, focussing on original texts and exploring their practical applications.

Sometimes Andy, who is based in Essex, even finds time to update his blog, where he shares his passion for Exploring Folk, Craft and Cunning man Magic in Essex.

Welcome aboard, Andy!

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