Why Highgate? Liminal Space, Leys & Environmental Influences

Sam Perrin Carrie Kirkpatrick Patsy Langley Highgate Vampire Symposium

Why Highgate? Liminal Space, Leys & Environmental Influences

Any serious attempt to understand the nature and machinations of an as yet unexplained psychical phenomenon, such as the Swain’s Lane entity, would be incomplete without an examination of the environment in which it appears to manifest.

During this session we will be discussing the concept of liminal space, wherein certain places appear to act as doorways between two very different kinds of world.  We will be seeking answers as to just what it is about Highgate that appears to lend it a propensity for such a plethora of apparently paranormal activity.

Unfortunately Ken Rees, our scheduled speaker for this session (Why Highgate? Liminal Space, Leys & Environmental Influences), is now unable to attend the Symposium for personal reasons. We apologise to Symposium attendees for any disappointment caused.

However we are pleased to present our lovely trio of newly convened speakers – former Highgate Cemetery tour guide Sam Perrin, Highgate historian Patricia Langley and founder of Oracle Television and psychic coach Carrie Kirkpatrick.

The session will still be focussing upon just why Highgate is host to so much unexplained phenomena, and our North London-based speakers will be sharing their own theories and thoughts with the audience during this interactive and packed slot. Largely unchanged for centuries, this unique village on the outskirts of North London – and especially its cemetery – are graced with multitudinous 17th century architectural structures (either visible or hidden within foundations or the core of preserved buildings), sealed off tunnels, an extremely powerful alleged ley line, and a plethora of underground watercourses. Not to mention the (very) large WW2 era signal mast which in the present day beams mobile phone communications, and radio and TV transmissions across the City and the UK. Just what significance could the conjunction of these natural and manmade elements have regarding the unusually high level of paranormal reports in N6?

This kind of subject matter is somewhat of a departure from the norm for newly announced speaker Sam, who is more often to be found leading guided tours around various London cemeteries which number among the Magnificent Seven. We are therefore honoured that she has volunteered to speak alongside experts in paranormal and esoteric areas of research which differ vastly from her own history-based body of knowledge, and to provide some alternative – and perhaps organically overlapping? – observations. Sam is not representing Highgate Cemetery in any official capacity having ceased volunteering there recently. She does, however, bring  vast personal insights spanning over 12 years to the Symposium, covering the terrain and history of the nineteenth century burial ground, and perhaps has some comments to make about at least one restless resident to boot??! Who knows…  One thing is for sure – all of us behind the scenes are REALLY looking forward to hearing Sam’s views!

Carrie Kirkpatrick is a well-known personality on the UK Pagan scene who has for many years lived and worked (magically speaking!) deep within Highgate’s Queens Wood. She will be sharing her experiences of leading rituals in and around Highgate, and sharing her understanding of the peculiar psychic energies which the natural landscape avails. As a priestess of the Goddess Hecate, Carrie has a natural affinity with the power of crossroads. Lest we forget, Highgate Village evolved upon such a meeting place of ancient tracks, and Carrie will be exploring the liminal potential which such circumstances can potentially create.

Patricia Langley, who is also speaking during The Vampire Theory session at 15:50pm, will be tackling the controversial subject of ley lines, which remain a heavily disputed topic both within the paranormal community and in the wider sphere of earth sciences. With her degree in the latter, and her passion for Highgate’s historical development and geology, Patsy will be inviting the audience to consider the apparent ley indicators which abound in Highgate, and questioning what relationship these may have to incidents of a paranormal nature in the vicinity of the cemetery and beyond.

We hope that booked and potential attendees conclude with the Symposium organisers that our new line up for “Why Highgate?” will give us all some helpful background, on a very local level, to the extraordinary experiences of Highgate residents and visitors which we will be hearing about and debating throughout this special day.

Don’t forget that if you have not yet booked your ticket, you can still do so online at http://www.upstairsatthegatehouse.com/booking, in person at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, or by calling the Box Office on 020 8340 3488. We look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday the 19th of July!