The Big Ghost Debate

The Big Ghost Debate

During our final session of the day, we will be inviting panel and audience members alike to share their questions and perspectives upon the nature of the Highgate entity – although we cannot promise you that any conclusions or agreements will be achieved!

The elusive man in black who haunts Swains Lane has so far eluded categoric definition. During this session we will be comparing and contrasting the Highgate case with other paranormal incidents, and attempting to unravel just what the entity is, if indeed it exists beyond the realms of human consciousness.

Our panel of experts will be discussing just how applicable concepts such as shadow people and other interdimensional beings, tulpas, servitors, sentient ‘ghosts’ and stone tape recordings are to the descriptors available for the Highgate phenomena.

With our speakers’ decades of combined experience in all aspects of folklore, ‘ghost hunting’ and the history of paranormal research, the panel debate alone looks set to be lively!

There will also be opportunities during this session for witnesses to strange events in and around Highgate Cemetery to share their experiences.

More speakers for this session will be confirmed very soon.