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Gareth Davies Mind Set Central and David Farrant - after the Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015

Gareth Davies & David Farrant Catching Up After The Symposium

As we have mentioned, the Symposium was marked by the number of people from the Fortean world who finally got to meet in person – many of whom live in different countries altogether.

We were delighted to be visited by Gareth Davies of Mind Set Central and his brother Richard the morning after the Symposium, to have a chat about the events of the previous day/night.  Mind Set Central are currently in the process of adding much more video-based material to their site, so this seemed a perfect opportunity for Gareth to interview David Farrant on camera about the wonderful day we all had on 19th July.

We hope you enjoy it.  Missing you already, Gareth! Until next year …

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