We are so overwhelmed with all the positive comments received via email and Facebook about the Symposium.

Here are some of the best; please feel free to add your own!

Gareth Davies and Ben Emlyn-Jones (c) Ben Emlyn-Jones

(c) Ben Emlyn-Jones



The Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 was a great success. A very intense, informative and important event meeting and working with some really inspiring and dedicated speakers and paranormal researchers. It was a pleasure to meet Gareth Davies, Fox the Rebel and Andy Mercer for the first time; Jon Kaneko-James delivered a great lecture; David Farrant was on good form as usual; I got to meet one of my paranormal research heroes, Charles Walker; great to meet up with John Fraser, Redmond McWilliams, Patsy Langley, Drew Hartley and ‘back to the fuschias’ David Milner. It was a delight also to share the platform with Carrie Kirkpatrick and Sam Perrin. Della Farrant deserves great recognition for devising and planning the event – Paul Adams


It was a fantastic day Paul, and well done to Della and her team and also the great speakers we had. Hope there’s another one! Thanks to all of those behind the scenes who made Sunday such a success. xxx, Della. You pulled it off, girl! – Patsy Langley


It was a lot of fun, I’m really glad they invited me! – Jon Kaneko-James


Really fantastic to be invited and met some interesting people. Well done Della and great to finally meet David. – Charles Walker


I had a wonderful time at The Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 yesterday, a big thanks to Della Farrant, David Farrant and Paul Adams for putting on such a brilliant event and asking me to take part – Carrie Kirkpatrick


Sorry I missed it… Sounds like a good day – PF


Thanks for a great event. I got to meet Gareth Davies at long last – Ben Emlyn-Jones


Great day. Interesting people. Long overdue dismissal of vampire – Rob Milne (our usher! Thanks Rob!)


Wish i could have made it – Barry Lewis


Great event, great show. Wonderful to meet David and Della Farrant! – Gareth Davies


Congrats and fabulous outfit xxxx – WS


Hi Della, Hi David it was a great day I think someone has already used the word Ambitious.. having helped organise similar events, I have to say you really pulled it off..the right mix of speakers & compère etc I feel you have set a precedent for a future conference on the Highgate phenomena 😈.. Well done to you all!! – AS


What a tour de force and it was really interesting.  As usual, I experience these people as gentle and thoughtful – NA


Hi. I realy enjoyed coming to the symposium because it gave me a chance to get to know the history of Highgate a little better.- ZM


You and David – and many others – made Sunday a fantastic day for us all. Thank you so much for all your work, both in the practical sense and for your friendliness to those attending. X X – Felix Garnet


You really did a fantastic job in organising this wonderful event Della. Well done! And what a wonderful venue to hold it in too! You have demonstrated quite vividly that a group of people with differing viewpoints can gather together to debate and discuss the paranormal in an adult and mutually respectful manner – Redmond McWilliams


You achieved your thoughts and made it happen…well done to Della and David Farrant for getting through the day and all the crew…we all went away with different views and was brought closer to what The Highgate Vampire Symposium was all about – Deborah


It was indeed an excellent day – Andy Mercer


Glad you all had a great day – Susanne Taggart


It was a Hell of a day, wasn’t it? You guys should be proud. – Fox The Rebel


Thank you for yesterday, it was wonderful, ambitious, informative, friendly,and well attended. Add brilliant organisation to the mix and a note of unity to end on and it was a triumph. Thanks for involving me – Geraldine Beskin


I hope you have now recovered from what must have been an exhausting experience. I thought it went off well, and thank you for including me – Dr Jacqueline Simpson


Thanks to   and all the contributors at yesterday’s event. Fascinating! – Ben Steiner


My husband and I were informed of the Highgate Vampire Symposium by Patsy Langley and came along just to satisfy curiosity! So glad we did as we thoroughly enjoyed the event and will certainly be first in line for any future events! Thanks again. – DH

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  1. Paul Quinn

    I wish my health was better, I would have loved to have come. I’m really happy for you Della that your event was such a success. Well done. X

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